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Full Name :   Luke Hinckley
Gender :   male
Age :   51
State :   Texas
Country :   United States
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Omega 3s Baby
sub-category : Rock & Shore Fishing
img 11-04-2010

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Holy Mackerel! When I visited my brother last fall in Boston he suggested we go fishing. I said sure, why not. It can't be that different than Corpus Christi...a fish is a fish, right? Well unfortunately we got lucky (as Lucky Luke is my name) and actually caught something....Boston Mackerel. We did keep a few. I wasn't partial to the taste but hear their really high in Omega 3s and healthy. We'll have to accept that for what it is. The fishing results were mediocre but time with my little bro was great. He's coming my way this fall (2010). I'm taking him kiteboarding and to a real seafood restaurant.
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